About Us

 ShieldMeOnline is the online face of Protect It Limited, the UK’s exclusive distributor of ShieldMe products. At its core, ShieldMe is an extremely effective disinfectant product which has been tested thoroughly and has the certificates to prove its efficiency against bacterial, viruses and spores to name but a few. We can make these available on request.
ShieldMe disinfectant, which comes in a variety of sizes from 120ml to 1,000 litres, is deployed through our selected range of quality dispensers and foggers, all of which are sold on this site. ShieldMe is used by our customers in a range of sectors from offices, factories, healthcare, hotels, schools, universities and many more. Our customer base is increasing all the time and now includes cleaning companies who are choosing ShieldMe over other brands of disinfectants. And why is that? Because ShieldMe disinfectant does not contain alcohol, chlorine or bleach, and so is eco-friendly in manufacture, is non-flammable, is not irritating on the skin and frankly is revolutionising the disinfectant market.
ShieldMe is made in the UK in Essex, further reducing the eco-cost of the product.
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